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This rehearsal room in
Leeds is available from
11 am until midnight
7 days a week
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Star Treatment

Our rehearsal studio rate of £10 per hour is FULLY INCLUSIVE, here’s what you get:

1) The! best PA in any rehearsal room in Leeds, we are the only rehearsal studios in Leeds that use the latest room analysis software to ensure the PA System in the rehearsal room is totally optimised and sounding at it’s very best.
2) A Yamaha stage custom drum kit (8”/10”/12”/14”/22” shell pack) including all the hardware you will ever need in a rehearsal studio. The kit is permanently set up, has Remo pinstripe drum heads on it and is tuned to sound like a drum kit and not the boxes it came in!!
3) A 2x12 guitar combo sat on it’s own flight case so you can get to it and hear it, and a double guitar stand next to it so you can keep your pride and joy safe when you are not using it…NOW HOW'S THAT FOR INTUITION?
4) A bass guitar backline system comprising of a cabinet housing a 1x15” and 1x10” speakers and a 1” CD horn. This cab is also sat on it’s own case so that you can hear it and is powered by a Hartke bass head. We also supply a double guitar stand in the bass corner to avoid squabbling :-)
5) A very nice fully adjustable ULTIMATE APEX 2 tier keyboard stand just like the PRO’s use.
6) Shure SM58 and Beta58 Microphones and quality boom stands/cables (as many as you need)
7) FREE & UNLIMITED tea and Coffee!!!



Practice Room In Leeds
When it comes to practise rooms in Leeds, we have gone a step further in providing our clientele with a cool environment. A happy practise room in Leeds is a creative practice room in Leed.


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