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This rehearsal room in
Leeds is available from
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7 days a week
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Star Recording

Welcome to Star Studios professional recording studio in Leeds run by professionals for professionals and the professionally minded recording artiste.

This Pro Tools 8 recording studio in Leeds is a comfortable relaxed and friendly environment with kitchen facilities, storage cages and a professionally equipped rehearsal room.

We are not just another of Leeds’s DAW recording studios.
In this recording studio based in Meanwood, Leeds we have a 48 channel DDA console and a fine array of vintage high end outboard processing i.e. AMS, Neve, AMEK, SSL, Lexicon, SPL, Bel, MXR & Drawmer to name but a few.

We have recording mics from Neumann, Sennheiser, AKG, Coles, SE, Shure and Audio Technica.

We have studio monitors by Dynaudio, Yamaha, Genelec and KRK.
When recording bass in this studio you’ll love our in house Mesa Boogie and Ampeg bass systems.

We have a great in house Yamaha studio drum kit which gives us quality recording results in our great sounding live room.

All in all if you are looking to make a record in a recording studio in Leeds, you’ll get all the help you need to do just that at Star Studios.

Just for the record we record records in Leeds!!


Star Recording
In our Leeds recording studio we are running a Pro Tools 8 DAW with a lovely analogue front end. This pro tools recording studio in Leeds  is available for hire at very competitive rates.
We can also record your rehearsals and burn to a CD for you to take away.

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